Vinterhygge 16.11.2012, 0 Kommentarer

I have to be honest, the thought of another Danish winter is kind of scaring me right now... Yes, I do enjoy the julelys all over town, the gløgg and most especially the snow, but the cold and constant darkness does become pretty depressing, pretty quickly.

But it isn't all bad... Last year, soon after I arrived in Denmark, I discovered the concept of hygge! While not a revolutionary concept amongst Danes, it's a smart one... and this year I'm planning to survive the winter with plenty of vinterhygge!  

Have a look at the Danish favourites and Australian imports that will be getting me through this year... 


You can click on the thumbnail images above to read more about them. Briefly, though, from left to right: 1. Pink uggboots from Australian fashion (pajama) designer Peter Alexander. 2. Kindle from Amazon. 3. Wine glass lampshades to use with tea candles from MoMA in New York. 4. Intensive hand cream from Kiehls. 5. Woolen blankets for sofahygge by BoConcept. 6. Super soft tørklæde from BESOS. 7. Mint tea by NatureSource. 8. On the same theme, an Australian designed KeepCup from Fab. Reusable, portable and kind to the environment. 9. Lots of candles. These ones are from Schiang Living, where I would buy all my furniture if I could afford to! 10. Dark chocolate from Savannah.

How do you survive the Danish winter?  What are your vinterhygge essentials?